Pro2 nozzle - bed gap calibrations and pre-print heating

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Pro2 nozzle - bed gap calibrations and pre-print heating

Postby pjyarnall » Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:36 pm

The left nozzle, when down, can be calibrated for bed gap when everything is cold. Then to calibrate the right nozzle, the nozzles must both be hot before it is possible to retract the left and extend the right. If the right nozzle needs adjusting one is dealing with a hot hot end. Can someone explain to me why the firmware forces the nozzles to be hot before they can be switched? This is very annoying. As an aside I find the touch screen to require a rather firm touch and response is very slow. Is this due to a slow processor?

Another aspect of the nozzle heating that is also annoying is that in the print pre-heat mode, both nozzles are forced to the same temp even if only one nozzle and filament is being used before the print will begin. Then the unused nozzle cools down. Settings in IM seem to have no effect on this. As I typically keep an engineering filament like nylon or ABS in one nozzle and PLA in the other, the PLA gets over heated time and time again. PLEASE fix this, (or explain the logic or physics that require it).

And again regarding left and right nozzles... I find the logic and organization of filaments and nozzles in IM to be exasperating and counter intuitive! All the templates are in the Left nozzle settings. It's easy enough to pick the extruder in IM, but then if I want to use the right extruder one has to go into advance setting in the filament templates on the left extruder and triple check every tab to exclude the left nozzle before slicing. Really annoying and confusing. I have had prints start trying to use a cold left nozzle, then switch to the right. I really wish the left and right extruders were treated independently, (and equally). The left as "default" creates a lot of problems for the user. I understand that it is possible to use both extruders in the same print for support options or similar, but that is a capability in our industrial environment I will never use.
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Re: Pro2 nozzle - bed gap calibrations and pre-print heating

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:30 am

The reason why we force nozzle to do a preheating before nozzle switching is for in case there has filament inside the nozzle when you enable the one currently at higher position.
If the nozzle is cold and filament is cold which means it is stiff, and nozzle wants to move up, the cold filament inside may do harm to the nozzle tip.

We will recommend to set left and right nozzles both to be the filament you want to use only with right side printing.
Separating left and right nozzles' printing template may cause some mass, as not all the settings inside software can be easily separate to different values for both nozzle during printing together.

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