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Andy Cohen
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IdeaMaker Design Suggestions

Postby Andy Cohen » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:46 pm

While IdeaMaker is pretty good and works well I have a number of suggestions (based on 3 decades in SW and Systems design):
1. Allow for settings per print. The current conceptual approach assumes you save all the settings you are making for specific print for a "template". The template seems to assume the user will be going to these settings repeatedly. Thats an invalid assumption. Instead the settings which have to be ALL inclusive of ALL print level settings should be saved at the file level for easy retrieval yet not get in the way of the next print which will have completely different settings. A better assumption is... Most SW designers design from their own perspective rather then their user's which means they get it WRONG.
2. A LOT of SW designers neglect the notion of modal Vs nonmodal dialogs. Ideamaker has done this as well. Way too many times IdeaMaker puts up a modal dialog when I want to be able to look on another dialog or look at the main window and then I can't. ONLY use modal dialogs when the data are coupled elsewhere... IF the data on the dialog are coupled too often and you put up modal dialogs too often then you've organized the data input incorrectly. In other words... I want to be able to retain the Preview while doing other things. If I hit the "Slice" button which would invalidate the Preview simply ask the user with an OK/Cancel dialog! Another way of looking at it is I should be able to look at the settings without having to hit the Slice button. Modal dialogs are BAD and indicate that you are not paying attention to the user's needs and work flow!
3. Never couple data inputs across completely different windows/dialogs. An example here is the Dense Support settings which require that the Filament Settings which are in a completely different location both physically and conceptually have to have an override box unchecked. Not good. I and probably any other new user who has not been forced to memorize a counter intuitive design will get completely lost.
4. Labeling things incorrectly is a slap in the face to your user. If you do not understand the language do not just guess... ASK YOUR USERS!

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Re: IdeaMaker Design Suggestions

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:39 am

1. With the latest version of ideaMaker, printing profiles can be imported into ideaMaker via .data file which created together with .gcode file during slicing.
2. We are currently putting optimize slicing produce into developing list.
In the current version, if you don't want to slice anything but just check some settings, you can check with Menu(above) -> Slice -> Manage Templates to enter the profiles directly.
3. Notes taken.
4. We will ask our tech team to help go through and check whether the words are properly used the settings and descriptions in ideaMaker..

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