Pro3 Error 3505

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Pro3 Error 3505

Postby tander » Tue Aug 02, 2022 7:26 pm

We just got one of these a few weeks ago to test out and see if we wanted to standardize using them across our school district. It was printing out things fine until last week. The light on the left extruder started blinking Red and it says the extruder temperature sensor is not responding. We have tried calling support about 20 times, with no response. We submitted a trouble ticket and the response we got was to "try swapping the extruder cables to see if the problem persists". The problem with that is the extruder cables are not long enough to swap, we would have to disassemble the entire extruder unit to remove the cable from one side and install it to the other side. We purchased this printer based off recommendations from other school districts who claimed Raise3D had amazing support, so far we have not seen that at all.

Has anyone else had this problem? We now have a $5000 brick sitting in our office because it won't print anything even if we set the left extruder to not be used or heated. We sent the logs through our original help ticket to Raise3d and tried their recommended solution and have not gotten any response since then.

We have tried unplugging the cables and plugging them back in a few times, restarting the printer lots of times, pressing the manual reset button on the board itself where the extruder cables plug in to, all to no avail.

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Re: Pro3 Error 3505

Postby Ryan@Raise3D » Thu Aug 18, 2022 12:30 am

Can you share with me your ticket number so I can speak with the tech incharge of your ticket to see if we can figure out the issue?

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