Anybody have issues with Everlast nozzle + PLA?

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Anybody have issues with Everlast nozzle + PLA?

Postby Bibbinator » Sun Apr 25, 2021 8:58 am

I've been struggling for more than a week to get my Pro2 calibrated and printing well. Raise3D keeps asking people to print PLA which is what I've been doing and I think that has led me to a theory of why it doesn't work which I wanted to share to get feedback on.

The Everlast nozzle is less "pointy" that the default Raise3D nozzles. As a result I believe my print issues are related to the less pointy Everlast nozzle radiating more heat to the surrounding previously extruded material which causes warping, bubbling and ultimately failed prints.

To test I replaced the Everlast with the default Raise3D nozzle and used a premium PLA filament with a slightly higher melting point and it prints as expected.

Anybody else use Everlast nozzle to print PLA successfully? What nozzles are people using to print metal?


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