E2 nozzle reassembly / torque

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E2 nozzle reassembly / torque

Postby Blue21 » Sun Feb 28, 2021 10:13 pm

Done a search on the forum about "nozzle torque" but didn't found information I can use with confidence. I am now installing 3D Solex ruby nozzle 0.4mm after some issues and jams. As they are also brass based, that should be similar to original Raise3D ones. I found no real info on the 3D Solex web site. My point comes from the re-assembly nightmare and concern I got during de-assembly.

What is the recommended nozzle torque ?
I have 1.5 Nm and 2.8 Nm torque wrench + some generic one.

In general I am more an old school guy regarding torquing of screws but on my E2 I come on a mix feeling about that approach.
I am still concerned about the following points:

1) A thermocouple went out with some aluminium part of the thread in the heating block, at first I thought it was stuck in it and ordered a spare thermocouple + a full block and took dimensions to make a new aluminium heating block. Finally I was able to put it back and I torque it really lightly as I know what will happen if not.

2) The M5 thread for the titanium throat was quite loose as for the M6 thread for the Nozzle. No confidence in torquing it back. I am not really after disassembly really prone to apply standard M3/M5/M6 torque for aluminium

3) After more thought I realize how is the design of the heating block is and how it require specific handling during any maintenance or check at initial reception. I had the right nozzle getting slowly loose from factory and being finally jammed. Only after disassembly I realize how I could have avoided it by doing some re-assembly.

4) To balance the issues I had, I applied some "Thermal Grizzly Cryonaut" thermal paste (suitable for up to 350°C) at key points where thermal contact matters. No requirement for thermal paste seems to be given by Raise3D. Is it recommended practice like by Prusa printer or not ?

As others have already said on this forum, the Raise3d support web pages are more guides than procedures, fully true, not bad but not something you would just reference to someone that would have to take care of the printer if you are in vacation. You need to have experience and your own judgment to apply them.
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