Advanced nozzles for Pro2

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Advanced nozzles for Pro2

Postby miszun » Tue Oct 15, 2019 9:25 am

One of the biggest disadvantages of Pro2 printers is availability of nozzles. You can buy many kinds of ruby nozzles, tungsten carbide nozzles and others from different suppliers, but not for the Pro2 printer. Raise3d's proprietary nozzle design give us little advancement, because common open source design works as well on other printers. Instead this proprietary design prevents aftermarket from making nozzles for Pro2. The only provider offering a ruby nozzles for Pro2 I heard of is 3dsolex, and if you want a tungsten nozzle you are out of luck. I would understand Raise3D politics if they provided wide range of nozzles, but so far we can find nothing interesting.
I can see possible solutions for above issue:
1. Raise3D could provide wide range of different advanced nozzles for Pro2 printers.
2. Raise3D could work harder to provide more suppliers for Pro2 compatible accessories.
3. Raise3D could open their proprietary nozzle design for the public.
4. Raise3D could license their design for minimal fee for any willing nozzle producer.
In current state it is a big no no to buy Pro2 printers for anybody planning to work with any abrasive filaments. And yes, we can mod, find workarounds etc, but for those willing to play with their toys there are much cheaper printers on the market. So please Raise3D could you do something? Thank you in advance.

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