Carbon PET-G issues

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Carbon PET-G issues

Postby DeftCAD » Thu Sep 26, 2019 1:15 pm

I have an N2 with 0.6mm Olson Ruby nozzle, Bondtech drive, glass bed and I'm using 3DLAC on the bed. I'm using S3D to slice. I'm trying to run PET-G Carbon ( but despite my efforts, it keeps sticking to the nozzle then periodically dropping a big blob of material into the print. It starts right away, even printing the skirt: most of the material is laid down on the bed, but a small amount sort of curls up behind the nozzle and sticks. From that point, it just snow-balls until it builds sufficient mass/friction to stick to the print and detach from the nozzle.

I've tried various things:

Bed gap: 0.2 up as far as 0.4mm. About 0.25mm seems to adhere well, but balling up persists
Temp. 240ºc right up to 260º. Doesn't seem to make a difference to balling up.
Speed. Tied as low as 30mm/sec and as high as 70. Doesn't seem to make a difference to balling up.
Extrusion multiplier. I've gone as low as 0.85.

Any suggestions?

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