Replacement exterior light fixture for a boat

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Replacement exterior light fixture for a boat

Postby jetdillo » Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:38 pm

This is a replacement fixture for a light on the exterior walkway of a boat.
The previously one broke after a number of years of exposure to sunlight and weather.
A family member asked me if I could print out a new one vs. going out and buying a replacement(which means you automatically add an extra 0 or two to the price regardless of what the part actually is).

They mailed me the broken parts to model against. I initially tried to scan it in, but once the clean-up started to become a major project in and of itself, I abandoned that approach in favor of just taking pictures and drawing a sketch over top of those.

This was my first serious project in onShape.

Pics show the light installed in a test version of the model for a fit/finish check and the original broken piece off to the side. The test piece was printed in PLA but the final functional replacement will be done in Mat-X ASA.

Printing details/specs:
Printer: N2+
Hatchbox white PLA
Nozzle temp: 195C
Bed temp: 65C
0.15 layers w/ 4mm nozzle at 60% infill.
Support: Pillar mode, linear fill at 20% w/ 3 layers dense support at 80%.



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