Advanced/ LinearAdance

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Advanced/ LinearAdance

Postby MBellahcene » Wed Dec 22, 2021 1:18 pm


All Marlin based printers can use the Linear Advance feature if LIN_ADVANCE is enabled in the firmware.
It solves some over extrusion issues that leads to bumps at angles.
In fact it's really easy to enable it if your printer's firmware is on github like the Creality, Artillery, FLSUN...

In my filament profile I add a M900 K<x> in the start GCode section.

With a 0 value the linear advance gets disabled.
With any other value the firmware adds extra calculations to extrusion and may reduce speed according the extruder jerk and max acceleration settings.
When printing with high speed Cycloid infill the linear advance feature makes the print slower.

Another issue is that the good K-Factor (M900 value) may be different depending of the speeds.
In fact the linear advance is really usefull for shells and solid infill but not really on other parts.

When enabling Jerk and Acceleration controls, Ideamaker adds M205 X<j[i]> Y<j[i]> and M204 P<a[i]> at the good places in the GCode depending the print type (Infill, outer shell, innershell...)
This feature is about adding the M900 K<k[i]> at the same places.

In IdeaMaker we already have the acceleration and jerk settings for each type of print
May it be possible to add the LinearAdvance settings based on the same model (OuterShell, InnerShell, Infill... ) except for travel ?
Then it would be possible to set it at 0 to avoid linear advance for infill and calibrated values for other print types.
And like the jerk and acceleration, there should be a checkbox to enable it (default to disabled)

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Re: Advanced/ LinearAdance

Postby MBellahcene » Thu Feb 17, 2022 6:08 am

Forget about that.

Linear advance doesn't work.
My prints are always better with K=0 (no linear advance).

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