Issues with the Pro2 Series

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Issues with the Pro2 Series

Postby CForce » Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:09 pm

Our company purchased the Pro2+ on pre-order and have had nothing but problems with it since it arrived (it also took an extra month to get here). Since we pre-ordered it, we didn't realize until months later that a lot of the problems we've been having are common among many Pro2 Series Printers. I wanted to briefly go over the shared problems and maybe open it up to other issues people have been having.

Although these issues are ones I've also seen in the forums, the details I'm providing are based solely on what we've experienced here.

This is also meant to be a way for people interested in the Pro2 to be informed of these issues before making a decision on purchasing it. Even now, the only "reviews" we could find on YouTube are just product spotlights by Raise3D and MatterHackers.

UPDATE: Solutions Sections will be added as they are found. Note that these are solutions found by other users and not necessarily R3D staff. I would recommend talking with R3D staff first (for warranty reasons, etc.) before implementing them.

1. Temperature Spikes/Drops

What it is: One of the first issues we had was the temperature for one or both nozzles suddenly spiking to their max (330C) and fluctuating between the correct reading and a large value. The reverse of this is also possible where it suddenly reads a much lower value before jumping back to normal. Occasionally, both can happen at the same time, where it jumps between max and a very low value.
What it does: This is not the actual temperature of the nozzle, but rather, its what the nozzle is reading. If the temperature is reading a huge value, the printer sends a signal to cool the hot end but continues printing. So what ends up happening is the hot end cools so much that the filament can no longer extrude. From there, your filament will grind or jam in the extruder in some fantastic way. When the temperature reads too cool (as indicated by the arc around the number being red instead of green) the printer will stop trying to extrude, but the print head will keep moving as if it were. So even if it is warm enough to extrude, it won't, and large chunks of your print will be missing, usually causing the rest of the print to fail in spaghetti. It will also bake the filament and possibly clog the nozzle.
Note: I don't get why they bothered to make the program stop extruding if it's too cold but still have the print-head move around and continue with the gcode normally minus extrusion. Why not just have it wait as it tries to get the material back up to the correct temperature? Better yet, something like Marlin's Thermal Runaway feature but it pauses the print so you have a chance to fix the problem and resume the print. Even vanilla Thermal Runaway would be better since I wouldn't risk clogging the nozzle with baked filament.

2. Nozzle Jumping

What it is: The motor controlling the nozzle will randomly receive signals to change which nozzle needs to be lowered, either rapidly for a few seconds or periodically throughout a print. This is different from the gcode telling the printer to swap materials as it happens randomly and can even happen while not printing. The clearest indicator of this is hearing the sound of the nozzle motor switching rapidly back and forth, or you hear it when you can clearly see that the print head is not changing material.
UPDATE: In at least one case, this was due to a loose connection on the Print Heads PCB.
What it does: The printer will still try to print from the nozzle its supposed to, even if its raised. As such, the adhesion between it and the layer it should be printing on is poor at best. In our case, we saw occasional lines in our z axis on large prints where the layers barely adhered. The layer after this was usually mashed like you'd see with over extrusion because it had corrected itself by that next layer. This caused our prints to be severely warped and would usually break apart as we removed it form the build plate. Occasionally, layer adhesion was so poor that it would just end in a plastic spaghetti mess.
Found Solutions:
mtvision- Disconnect all connectors, check proper cable laying, apply a small amount of contact spray, and connect everything again.

3. Poor/Rushed Assembly

This ranges from multiple screws, caps, etc. being loose or entirely missing, to wires being wedged in places to the point that it damages them. The one that caused the most problems for us was the cable between the head assemble and the main board that controls the hot end readings, nozzle motor, and a few other functions. It's the one with multiple thin, multi-colored wires on the end. The first one had been wedged between the rear motor (underneath the end of the cable chain) and a clear plastic wall (despite there being a square cutout for wires right next to it). This wire was nearly pinched in half. Raise3D sent us a new one, but after installing it, we've had issues with the nozzle jumping and just recently have had the same temperature issues again.
The minor assembly problems may be less of an issue now, but was certainly a problem around the time we got ours as they rushed to get printers built to fulfill all the pre-orders.

If any of you have had these issues and found a solution, I will add them above.

Finally, keep in mind that this isn't meant to be me bad mouthing Raise3D. I've heard nothing but good things about the N2 series.
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Re: Issues with the Pro2 Series

Postby Naser404 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 5:51 am

I have been saying this since we got our printers but Raise just doesn’t want to listen, we got not one but two printers and both have the exact same issues and that’s just an indication of design/software problems.

I wish Raise could come forward and say that they know now these problems are real and they are working on a fix.

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Re: Issues with the Pro2 Series

Postby mtvision » Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:36 am

CForce wrote:2. Nozzle Jumping

I had the very same problem with my Pro2+ and it turned out there was a loose connection on the connector on the PCB at the print head. I disconnected all connectors, checked proper cable laying, applied a small amount of contact spray and connected everything again. Now it works without any faults.

The bad connection leads to the PWM signal of the servo being jammed and therefore the nozzles jump up and down.

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Re: Issues with the Pro2 Series

Postby lami3d » Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:47 pm

I think raise3D should improve the quality gates along the assembly line and also increase their numbers.
To check the ability and skills and experience of the responsibles and the operators on the line, will also help.
It's difficult to wait a printer while thinking it may be a "bad" or a "good" one.
It doesn't help the printer desgin and functionalities when it's not well assembled.
But i think and for "issues" i had before, Raise Support is good when you take the time to explain well every issues, i'm sure they're going to help you.

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Re: Issues with the Pro2 Series

Postby CForce » Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:59 am

mtvision wrote:

Thank you for the information! I updated the main post with the info you provided.

lami3d wrote:

I agree, a few poka-yokes would definitely go a long way. Personally, I think they just might've been overwhelmed with the success of the N series leading to so many Pro series pre-orders that they had trouble keeping up with.

As an update, I wanted to mention that we are getting our printer replaced under warranty. I'll let you all know if the quality of the replacement has improved.

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Re: Issues with the Pro2 Series

Postby macgyverish » Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:43 am

Our company is currently thinking of upgrading to a better printer and the smaller variant of the Pro2 is under consideration. It would be very helpful to know how you fared with the replacement printer. Were the issues present there as well? Any other problems?

Some comments in this thread indicated that it might have been initial production line problems due to large orders for Raise3D to fill quickly. If this is the case, maybe we would be safe purchasing this printer now, over a year later. Has anyone else had problems with Pro2-printers purchased recently?

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Re: Issues with the Pro2 Series

Postby jimdurt » Tue Oct 22, 2019 7:48 pm

Do not buy a Raise3D. Unless you like being frustrated and enjoy working on a $6000 dollar printer daily. You can spend much less and get a better value.

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Re: Issues with the Pro2 Series

Postby slickmilwaukee » Thu Oct 24, 2019 10:22 am

We are also considering printers as an upgrade to ours. Also looking at Craftbot XL and Flashforge Guider 2S, and Lulzbot Workhorse (until they closed). The reason is specifically we want to print, not tinker. There's a lot of very good things being said about the Raise3D Pro 2, and we're looking at the small one. This thread has us really think twice though. Besides CForce, does anyone have specific rel world reasons why they think this company doesn't live up to it's hype?

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Re: Issues with the Pro2 Series

Postby Patronus » Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:49 am

I guess it all depends on your definition of "tinkering". If you mean tuning for better print results or for new filaments types, unless you buy a closed system printer like Markforged or Zortrax you will often tune the (software) print settings to get the best results, especially with new filament types. If you mean "repairing" the printer all the time to get it printing, that's something else.
I've heard and read horror stories about Raise3d Pro 2 build quality but I suspect that was solved before I bought mine about 6 months ago. My own experience with the Pro Plus has been very positive, from day 1. The machine is extremely well built, is easy to operate and print quality is, depending on the filament, equal to or better than my Ultimakers which is quite an achievement. It prints carbon fibre material (with a stainless nozzle of course) almost as neatly as my Markforged. I use exotic filaments which are really hard to print and normally require a lot of tinkering even on my Ultimakers. The Pro 2 Plus prints PA/CF, PC/CF, TPU without issues. It prints very flexible filament that none of my other printers can print, another plus.
Raise3d's Ideamaker slicing software is getting better with every update and they seem to listen to user input. It has become a capable slicer and I use it daily. Vicky on this forum is very responsive and quick to answer questions, and to feed customers' input to the development team. So from my perspective I would recommend the Pro 2 based on my own experience.

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