Improvements by using TMC2130 driver.

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Re: Improvements by using TMC2130 driver.

Postby jetdillo » Mon Jun 18, 2018 10:13 pm

Jetguy wrote:[...]
One additional note:
If you upgrade the stock A4988 drivers to other drivers like 2208s or 2224s, there is a chance that motor rotation direction could be wrong (backwards) for those axis. That either requires simply moving the wiring order in the connector socket (swap the 2 wires at either end of the socket) or flashing alternate firmware from source code. Again, the fundamental difference, X and Y are already TMC2100s stock. As such, they are already wired reverse compared to what happens if you plug in an A4988 (just one of those minor differences between series or brands of stepper drivers). I'm not talking about orientation of the actual driver in the socket- I mean the 4 pin wire from the motor as it plugs into the mainboard by each stepper driver socket.

Are there markings or features on the motors that would tell us if we need to do this pin-swap ? (Like the Bondtech upgrade has specific instructions WRT if you have the "black motors" or "silver motors" on your original Raise3D extruder assembly)
I bought a pair of 2224s but haven't had time to install them yet. I read about John's travails with getting the chips oriented correctly, so I know not to do that now :) I'm just trying to get a handle on other gotchas I might run into before doing the swap.
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Re: Improvements by using TMC2130 driver.

Postby Jetguy » Mon Jun 18, 2018 10:52 pm

Motor rotation only changes if you use different stepper drivers for the extruders or Z axis that were previously using A4988 drivers.
In other words, I only recommend changing XY drivers from the factory TMC2100s to now TMC2224s. Being the same Trinamic brand, they've managed to not change rotation. That said, a given A4988 driver, as used in positions Z and AB for extruders, those would require either changing in firmware or changing the motor plug wiring.

I bought a pair of 2224s

A pair would be for XY and again, mostly plug and play here.
Unplug the old driver, change the switches under the driver socket
Plug in the new driver
Check the orientation a few times before even thinking of powering on
Power on and carefully adjust the V ref voltage.

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Re: Improvements by using TMC2130 driver.

Postby jetdillo » Sun Jun 24, 2018 3:34 am

Done and done.
As others have said, as hardware upgrades go, this is pretty darn easy.

It took me about 20 minutes, with 5 of that going to the actual operation of replacement and setting DIP-switches and the rest going to getting access to the control box, noting orientations, looking at Jetguy's pics, looking at Johnsays' pics and not doing THAT (sorry John :D), then setting the Vref and buttoning back up.

My first observation is that it just seems maybe a bit quieter. The steppers seem to hum a bit more and not whine so much. There's just a slightly different pitch to them during travel moves.

Anything else I need to do ?
Vref = 0.5V down from 0.68 out of the box.
Current X/Y settings are:
X/Y steps are 80
X/Y Accel = 9000

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