N2 Evolution since October

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N2 Evolution since October

Postby zemlin » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:57 am

I purchased my first Raise3D printer at the end of October - that was an N2+. I just received my second machine, an N2.
Thought I'd share what I noticed while unpacking the machine - the differences between the two machines.

The first thing I noticed is that the limit switches on the X, Y, and Z axes are now shrouded in a 3D printed piece which will help prevent damage in the event of over-travel.

They have changed the adhesive used on the connectors. My N2+ has white RTV/Silicone holding the connectors together. The new N2 has much more generous amounts of a much harder compound. Turns out it's a hot-melt that turns to butter with just a little bit of heat-gun action. Also it is only on the outside of the connector interface, so once warm, it comes apart much easier than the RTV.

Both of these are nice improvements.

The one negative (IMHO) I've turned up is that the housing for the motion control board now has a snap-on cover. My N2+ has flat-head screws holding the cover on. The N2 has 4 deep snap features on the sides that aren't easy to pry out. I'll be trimming those down and softening the interface so I can pop it open without digging the cover out with a putty knife. Once I make it easier to open, I might like it better than the screws.

N2+ (Oct '17)

N2 (Feb '18)

A packaging change - the polycarbonate covers (the clear plastic panels) have the protective film on them on the N2. My N2+ didn't have the film in place. Not a biggie either way for me. I'll need to loosen some of the screws to peel the plastic out from under them.

I see no sign of the add-on resistors to protect from the thermal overrun. I haven't turned the machine upside down yet, so if there's an intermediate cable/connector, I might not have found it yet.

I will update if I find anything else significant as i dig deeper.

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Re: N2 Evolution since October

Postby Jetguy » Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:10 am

I see no sign of the add-on resistors to protect from the thermal overrun. I haven't turned the machine upside down yet, so if there's an intermediate cable/connector, I might not have found it yet.

If they used the new safety board they created, you would in theory see a locking connector plugged in at the mainboard.

It's a super easy test to find out.
Simply turn on the machine and wait for it to come all the way up and display normal room temp. Then since you already had that mainboard cover snapped off, just unplug the ribbon cable straight out of the socket. If the temps on the display stay the same and it doesn't go into instant error mode- you need the safety mod. All you are doing is replicating an in print failure of the ribbon cable.
We know the board detects the cable if unplugged before powered on, it's that once on state, it keeps thinking all is well.

Sure wish Raise 3D would at least announce something or get on the ball here. I've given them every opportunity- MONTHS of time.

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Re: N2 Evolution since October

Postby newraiseuser » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:57 am

Has any new N2+ user seen these changes on their new machine?

Hangry Jason
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Re: N2 Evolution since October

Postby Hangry Jason » Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:35 pm

I purchased mine directly from Raise3d shortly after new years this year (jan 2018) and mine did not come with the plastic cover/brace on the limit switches. (I really like that idea, they are way to easy to accidentally bend) and my cover for the motion controller board is still screwed on. My connectors and glued with some type of hot glue like material though, definitely not rtv. It does the job well, but not to hard to remove if needed.

Edit. I forgot to specify mine is N2+ also.

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