Dual Colors

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Dual Colors

Postby rlballard » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:43 pm

So using IdeaMaker and wanting to take a single model and make it 2 different colors, I find this not an easy task to find in the software. I played around with freecut and cut my model in half, used a different extruder for each half, this seems pretty simple. Now how do I rejoin the model? I can physically move it into what I think is the right location, but is it? I can do multiple free cuts but how do I re assemble accurately? Can anyone provide a little guidance on this please, it must be easier than I am making it out to be...

Andy Cohen
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Re: Dual Colors

Postby Andy Cohen » Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:25 pm

You need 2 objects that fit together perfectly. Each of the objects get assigned to a different extruder. Seems to me your question is asking more on how to get the two objects...? You do that before you get to IM.
At the risk of this being a blatant plug... GP does a great segment on this subject in show #129 of the 3D Printing Today Podcast. Also in show #134 he talks about using Meshmixer 3.0 to actually paint on the areas of the object that you want to be a different extruder/color. The painted area is a selection which gets separated into another mesh. The 2 meshes are saved with the xyz locations correct for a dual extrusion. Great stuff from Gian Pablo.

Also... I forgot...
IM does not see the original XYZ position info and you cannot move an object in IM in Z. As such you cannot reposition in Z. So, if you make a dual extrusion object both objects must have an area that goes all the way to the bottom so that they can match in Z. That is until R3D updates IM. It works OK in S3D.

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