Print Quality Issue, PLA on PLA, Dual Extrusion

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Print Quality Issue, PLA on PLA, Dual Extrusion

Postby Timon » Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:41 am

Hello everyone,

I would like to do a dual extrusion with a white and a red PLA filament (Raise3D premium). I am printing at 200°C (both) and at 50°C bed temperature. I have selected a 0.2mm layer hight. I will try to attach the .gcode and .data, but have yet to find out how this is done.

For an overview: [img]

I started off printing just one box. Then learning that it is much better to print more of them, if they are this small, in order to give the filament time to dry. I also added a wipe tower to add to the affect. Still I get poor results on the print. The wipe walls are all crocket, which I believe should not be the case. The same effect appears on the actual objects. The different layers seem to overlap , the corners are bent upward, and the top filament-layers of each colour-layer protrude, even though I am printing at 200°C and at a 0.2mm layer hight. I also tried to set my printer on the ground, and not have it on the rather shaky table, in order to avoid ghosting or other effects of micro movement of the printer head, when hitting a corner. I have tried many things by now and am frustrated by how little success they showed. Does anybody still have an idea?

I also thought about going into the acceleration and jerk settings, since I have heard, that the standard settings are rather favouring print speed over quality, however I do not know if this will help me with my issue, or rather create a second one.

Looking for tips and tricks.

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Re: Print Quality Issue, PLA on PLA, Dual Extrusion

Postby Timon » Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:52 am

I hope this works and you have now access to the .gcode, .data, .idea files
Dual Extruder Calibration Box four
(380.33 KiB) Downloaded 19 times

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Re: Print Quality Issue, PLA on PLA, Dual Extrusion

Postby Timon » Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:28 am

So I recently learned that I made a rookie mistake and left the lid on the printer, while printing PLA, because I was misled by the sticker on the lid saying: "Just when printing PLA, no need to use this cover". This I thought meant that I only had to put the lid on while printing with PLA. Turns out it means the exact opposite.

Now that I have printed the part again, at leas the wipe walls are straight and no longer waved as you can see them in the pictures of the original post.

However, the layers (red, white, red, withe) are still off, so the tower looks a bit like Taipei 101. With the whip walls now being straight, I can see how the red filament is not placed exactly above the white one. This is especially visible along the x-axis, but also along the y-axis. Personally, I would assume that this means that the printer is not calibrated correctly and the distance between the left and the right nozzle is not exact enough. Frankly, I am not certain about this. Neither would I know what to do about it.



Front View - red most visible colour


Right Side View - white most visible colour


Back View - white most visible colour


Left Side View - red most visible colour

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Re: Print Quality Issue, PLA on PLA, Dual Extrusion

Postby detroitus » Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:53 pm

Looks like you need to adjust your x and y offsets for your nozzles. You'll find the values under "Printer Settings" in IdeaMaker.

The way to measure that offset is to print four 200mm test cubes at once. Arrange them at +/-15mm relative to the center of the build plate and stagger which nozzle is used for which one. Use a raft. Once the print is complete, measure the distance between the cubes (should be 10mm) to determine how much you need to adjust your offset in software. The standard is 25mm in x and 0 in y, but failry small adjustments can make a noticeable difference.


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Re: Print Quality Issue, PLA on PLA, Dual Extrusion

Postby Jetguy » Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:22 pm

Actually, there are now 2 ways of doing it.
Yes, the old way is put the offset into the ideamaker profile, and then keep in mind, only that tuned profile and gcode made with that profile is tuned for your printer.
In firmware on the printer, enable the new toolhead offsets in firmware, go back to ideamaker and remove the offsets, and then tune the offsets stored in the printer.

Why would you want to do it this way?
#1 it makes the setting stored in the printer since what you are adjusting is unque to the printer.
#2 it means that other slicer software is easier to setup and use no dual extrusion offset since the firmware will handle this.
#3 it means previewing the gcode with other preview tools outside of Ideamaker will no longer offset the visible print.
#4 if you happen to own more than one Raise 3D printer, you suddenly see the massive benefit of the new system in that using offsets stored and used by the printer means the same print file prints correctly tuned for any of your printers you send the same file to.

Put another way, the old way was broken, the new way is the way it should have been.

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