Setting extrusion width for accurate prints

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Setting extrusion width for accurate prints

Postby JoeyC » Fri Apr 27, 2018 5:21 pm

I've been trying to get settings I'm happy with and I have run into an issue that looks like the slicer is assuming some level of over extrusion is being used. Here's what I have found out so far.

1. When printing with the default .4mm extrusion width on a .4mm nozzle, with the default 94% flowrate for PLA, the prints look OK, but are always a couple tenths of a mm too wide. This prevented the "impossible cube" puzzle from being assembled.

2. I tried starting to calibrate the extrusion width as follows: First i checked that the steps per mm for the extruder were correct. Then I set the width to .5mm for the .4mm nozzle and adjusted the flow rate till I got a .5mm wide extrusion. This gave me a flow rate of 81%. I know, that sounds too low, but with that setting the extrusion width was always spot on, even changing layer height. It also was spot on when I switched to a .6mm or .8mm nozzle and used .65mm and .9mm widths respectively, at different layer height.

3. When I print at that rate, the top and bottom layers have gaps, even though the extrusion is exactly the width it is supposed to be. There are also gaps in the outer vertical walls.

4. I can fix the gaps on the top/bottom by increasing the flow rates for those, but there is no way to fix the outer layers without making the part too big. There does not seem to be way to get accuracy and good looks.

My question is, what distance does the slicer use to space the lines on solid layers? It is obviously not the extrusion width. It seems as though I have to have an actual extrusion width higher by some amount than the one specified. The issue is it makes the parts a tiny bit too wide, which is a problem for some of the things i want to print.

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Re: Setting extrusion width for accurate prints

Postby MakersDomain » Wed Jun 19, 2019 2:33 pm

I have been battling the EXACT same issue for months. It is making the Pro2 sit idle for many of our prints because of the surface finish. Really sad.

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