Dual Extruder change gcode

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Dual Extruder change gcode

Postby Harlequin » Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:21 am

Hello Brains Trust,

I am struggling with adjusting the behaviour during the extruder change. What I want to do is move the head to a position, specifically x10 y10 and then start the retraction for the filament swap. My printer is a 2in1 out setup, and I need to retract 27mm of filament. Currently what I have happen is it stops where it is up to in the print, retracts one filament, moves to x10 y10, then hops across to the purge pillar where it primes the other filament.

I can't seem to find any examples of others gcode so am currently lost.

Any guidance appreciated.


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