multiple issues with latest print [solved]

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multiple issues with latest print [solved]

Postby Jab136 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:02 am

so I am having issues with blobbing on certain parts for certain layers, as well as significant layer shifts as can be seen in the following image. all parts are being printed at the same time (layer by layer). What I find the most odd is that some of the parts print without blobs on the same layer that other parts print with blobs. I am printing ABS with HIPS support material, and using S3d for slicing. could I please get some suggestions?

Edit: I found the issue, I had 4.2 mm walls and 5 outline perimeter shells, which only left .2 mm for infill and S3D didn't know how to deal with that, so I dropped the perimeter shells to 3 and it fixed both issues since the layer shifts were probably caused by the blobbing causing the nozzle to snag on the model

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