Universal Temp Tower

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Universal Temp Tower

Postby JeffS » Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:58 am

Hi Raisers,

I have been trying out a few features of the new IdeaMaker 3 beta and so far I like it. One feature that it brings is extruder temp change by layer height. This easily allows for the slicing of a temp tower which was not readily done in prior versions.

There are many temp towers out there, but I made a set of universal temp towers that can be used with any material and any temp settings. You just need to remember the starting temp setting. The towers are located on Thingiverse. There are 4 of them with various temperature spans and steps. See link below.


The sample tower was made with Raise3D Premium PLA. This actually shows that this filament is very robust to temperature settings from 230 C down to 210 C as there was very little discernable difference in print quality from bottom to top.

Thanks Raise3D for a very nice upgrade to your IdeaMaker software. Looking forward to the full release of version 3 and future updates.

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