Chinchilla TPE?

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Chinchilla TPE?

Postby MDVolle » Mon Mar 06, 2023 9:00 am

Have the N2 hot end with Bondtech - have had no problems with TPU and TPE until the Ninjatek Chinchilla TPE Shore 75A -

Filament feeds through during loading but will not feed when trying to print - tried bypassing the feed tube and even the spool - just hand fed loose filament but doesn't seem to want to feed.

Increasing the temp to make sure it wasn't back pressure made a very slight improvement but still won't feed for more than a few seconds before slowing to a creep.

Have tried adjusting the drive tension screw from nearly falling out to tight but it deforms the filament if too tight

Anyone having luck with this very soft filament?

I've seem some mention of only running the softest filaments with a teflon tube extruder but everything else feeds fine

SainSmart TPU 95A and Filaments.CA TPE 85A feed perfectly.

This is actually the first filament I haven't been able to print on my N2+



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