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GCode suggestion during park position (Cool down inactive extruder)

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 10:33 pm
by RanceTino
Hi all,

Just needing your thoughts on this — so I am using FePLA (left extruder) and PLA (right extruder) and for some reason, everytime nozzle switches to the left extruder, it extrudes an excess amount of FePLA material, thus, messing up the wipe tower/wall. This ends up messing up the print when the right extruder is activated. I tried enabling the 'Cool down Inactive Extruder' to relieve some of the pressure build up in the left extruder, however, it still extrudes an excess amount of filament. This leads me to my question, is there a way I can prime the nozzle after heating (during the park position)? This way i can relieve the pressure built up prior to moving back to printing the wipe tower/wall.

Thank so much!

*attached photo shows the excess FePLA material extruded side of the wipe tower after cooldown and nozzle switch*

Kind regards,