Taulman PCTPE Setting

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Taulman PCTPE Setting

Postby Saperusa » Fri Apr 30, 2021 1:05 pm

Hi to the Raise community,
I'm Sandro from Rome.
In these two months, I have start printing with all the type of filament for my business.
Before a sample in PLA, another case a Technical PLA (Bigrep Hi temp for example) to test the product before start with the definitive print.
No problem with ABS, ASA, PC, TPU nothing all is really perfect and I'm proud of my PRO2.
But, there is always a but, I have a big problem with Taulman PCPTE.
If You read on the site it's full of people that have lots of problem with this particular filament and when arriving at a print that is really terrible they are happy with the work.
The problem is that I think the specific for this filament are wrong.
the temp of 240°C and hi-temp to bed has the result of the pctpe that is not stick on the bed.
The solution with our PRO2 is to take the profile of Raise ABS with a max speed of 35 mm/s, 220 °C and 60°C for the bed, first 3 layers and after the only 55°C, magic goo for Nylon and all is done.
With this, the print is really perfect, not good, perfect.
I hope that this can be helpful for other Raise3d owners.



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