PolyMaker PolyMide CoPA and PolyDissolve S1 profiles?

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Louie Morais
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PolyMaker PolyMide CoPA and PolyDissolve S1 profiles?

Postby Louie Morais » Thu Apr 22, 2021 9:59 pm

I am trying to print with the PolyMide CoPA and PolyDissolve S1 on an E2 but so far after a few minutes of printing, the filament monitor stops the printing for some reason. I am using 0.40mm nozzles for both and tried printing with the PolyDissolve S1 and without it (having the PolyMide create its own supports) and in both cases, the printing is paused by the monitor whilst one or another filament is printing.

Update: I have managed to print with the PolyMide CoPA only, creating its own supports (not great as the part is small and full of nooks and crannies and removing the nylon support is impossible). In the Solid Fill tab, I had both Top and Bottom Solid Fill Layers set to 10 and lowered them to 4. I also changed the infill density from 20% to 50% but I don't think the issue was the infill.

Anyone got these filaments to print fine? Could you share your profile files, please? Mine were direct copies from Raise3D PLA and PVA profiles with a couple of small changes (Raise3D PVA extrusion was set to 0.50mm and I changed it to 0.40 - Can PVA and the PolyDissolve S1 be printed with a 0.40mm nozzle?).

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