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print settings for polymide Copa

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 2:48 pm
by tcr
Hi Im using an E2

I have some issues with printing polymaker copa filament, along with the polymaker copa cf , In general they both print , but with a high rate of failure and poor quality finish. Does anyone have a profile they could share for an E2 .

I have found if my print jobs are quite small dimensional wise eg say 20mm cubed , Im good to go, but if I want to print something with multiple curves in a box of say 50mm cube, with a print tim e of 6 hours and infill of 50% , it just comes out terrible

Im in Europe, and Polymaker is easily accessible. I have downloaded the print profile from the open filament program on the raise site, and have tried adjusting here and ther, but I just dont seem to be able to get a win.
I cant even get the machine to print with any dissolvable support material, regardless of keeping everything in low humidity poly boxes etc

thanks in advance