Need help with PrimaSelect PLA Metal

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Need help with PrimaSelect PLA Metal

Postby Bibbinator » Sun Apr 18, 2021 2:36 pm

I just got my Pro2 and doing a few prints. I haven't printed with metal before and I'm getting a few issues, looking for some tips.

Extruder 1 nozzle to a 0.4 Everlast Ruby Nozzle
Bed temp: 60C
Nozzle temp: 205C

"PrimaSelect PLA Metal 1" is from my first print and only had this one area of issues on the bottom layer.
"PrimaSelect PLA Metal 2" is from my second print and is in process and it's not looking great as it builds the layers.

What causes this? Is the temp of 205C too low? Or is it something else?

PrimaSelect PLA Metal 2.jpg
PrimaSelect PLA Metal 1.jpg

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