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How to Reset Z Axis and Resume Printing

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2020 1:49 pm
by Michael_3D
Hello all,
So far, most of my posts have not received any responses; however, here is my faith that possibly I will get an answer to this one. I am not sure if I have selected the right board though. My printer is / was in the midst of a 30 hr print job - shouldn't be a big deal, right? Well, sometime after midnight the filament snagged on the reel, so at 6am I noted from my iPad at home that the nozzle was still "printing" in mid-air as there is not filament coming through.
I came to work and sure enough, it is snagged on the reel of filament. Instead of STOPPING it after 9 hours of truly successful printing, I paused it with hope that someone here can give an answer to this question - is it possible to bring my z-axis to the place where filament stopped and resume from there?
If not, are there other options to consider? BTW, I am using the Raise3D E2 printer - It has been great... snagging filament is my major frustration - no matter who I get it from - this roll in particular is Raise3D PLA.

Thanks in advance -


Re: How to Reset Z Axis and Resume Printing

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 1:05 am
by Vicky@Raise3D
Unfortunately, we do not have any suggestions for saving the failed print. However if you are having troubles with filament tangles please see these videos on how to handle filament spools properly.

Re: How to Reset Z Axis and Resume Printing

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 5:08 pm
by Blue21
Ok, you see the future with way to repair the situation. Would be really great as even loosing 1 layer could be probably ok. I already lost 3 print that way. Also an issue when you see it in duplication or mirror mode would be to cancel the failed extruder and keep running the good one, that would result in only a 50% fail.
Important is also to avoid such situation, some of my experiences bellow, maybe it can help.

On my E2, I had several similar problems but I was using cheap PLA (worked very reliably on my previous U2+ printer). For me it appear it was the cardboard spool that get some hit on the sides and as the spool rolls of the E2 are, the damaged part drag on the fix part of the spool rools supports. I milled the spool rolls so that they had a "side" and the damaged part of the spool get in contact with it, but it is not fixed. Since that I didn't had such issue. With Raise 3D spool or any plastic spool I would say, there should be not a real issue when the spool comes in contact with the fix side but for sure it will add some extra drag.

The filament tube that come on my E2 was 4/3 mm but the spare ones (thanks Raise3D for that) was one 4/3 and one 4/2.5mm. could be also a drag increase.

During my first filament load, I followed the instructions and take out the tube at the extruder but the 4/3mm tube is somehow "light" (which can be expected) but I get easily a fold on the tube when I inserted it back. I "canceled" the fold but the tube remain not perfect and I replaced it. That can be another source of drag.

I think in general a day or another an improved monitoring system for the printer would be nice:
- Temperature too high -> fire -> power down or at least stop
- Filament is no more feed -> stop (just in parallel with the filament detector sensor)
- A smoke detector would be not bad
- LED Lights to be independent from the LCD panel standby so camera monitor and time laps remain active.

Re: How to Reset Z Axis and Resume Printing

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 5:33 pm
by Vicky@Raise3D
Thanks for the suggestions. Here are our plans:

1. Disable one nozzle during Duplicate or Mirror Mode has been added into developing list.
2. According to our original design, we should already have overheat protection on board and firmware.
3. There is no smoke detector currently added on the printer to decect smoke to cut the power off.
4. LED currently is not connected directly to the touchscreen. We will see how to make it happen in future versions.
5. We have run some Jam detection but the results are not very good with all types of filament. We don't have a perfect solution at the moment.

Re: How to Reset Z Axis and Resume Printing

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 7:28 pm
by Blue21
Thanks for the answer.

Re: How to Reset Z Axis and Resume Printing

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 2:54 pm
by Michael_3D
I do realize that some filament is better than others on the spool and are better at handling / avoiding the tangle issue. This iwas Raise3D Filament that I was using, so I didn't anticipate issues. However, I did put PolyMaker brand filament in and have printed for the last three days with no issues at all. I'm not sure how they did it, but the filament is perfectly on the spool not some lines under others which ultimately turn into a tighten snag... then no filament. I would have hoped that the "no filament" detector would have stopped it at that point. For that matter, I am not even sure if the no-filament detector is on or off - as I do not know where it is.

Thanks -