PC-CF CarbonX

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PC-CF CarbonX

Postby crimsonyoshi » Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:21 pm

Hey everyone! After a bit of a hiatus from the forums this summer - I'm back in action! I've had a whirlwind of activity from some of the projects I've been working on. But I digress - that's not the point of this thread.

I'm going to use this to chronicle my learning experiences with a new plastic I've yet to play with - CarbonX's Polycarbonate infused with Carbon Fiber (CarbonX PC-CF). From all the initial commentary I've received (and there's not a lot of it) I'll be starting with my earlier Polymaker PC and Polymaker's PolySupport settings as posted earlier on this forum. Nozzle temp for PC-CF will be dialed up slightly, and print speed plus layer height likely tweaked a bit as well. A hardened nozzle is en route to me (0.4mm and 0.6mm) as brass won't cut it for PC-CF.

As always, if I have success I'll post my printer settings here! Wish me luck - and if anyone has worked with this stuff before, feel free to drop pointers, tips and tricks. I expect to start working with this material towards Christmas or as late as early January.

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