ABS Always fails

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ABS Always fails

Postby Harry » Sat Aug 24, 2019 11:39 pm

Hi everyone. I've been attempting to print with the N2 Plus V2 Hot end with maybe a 5% success rate.

I cannot for the life of me get an ABS print to succeed. Here's what I've tried:
    1. Print using each of the 3 standard settings (ABS in left extruder)
    2. Printing with and without a raft (ABS and PLA)
    3. Adjusting the print bed temperatures
    4. Different size prints from small (diameter of 60mm to larger 280x140mm)
    5. Using spray adhesive to hold the print (print managed to finish but was badly warped on the base)
    6. Adding blue tape - also 1 print succeeded but with bad warping again.

Each time it gets through printing the first few layers before warping and/or pulling the layers off the bed and creating a birds nest.

It's incredibly infuriating and wasting an enormous amount of my time at work trying to fix it.

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Re: ABS Always fails

Postby Patronus » Mon Aug 26, 2019 9:05 pm

I mostly print ABS and it can be tricky sometimes but a 5% success rate means something is wrong. I don't know your specific machine (I have Ultimakers and a Pro 2 Plus) but the basic principle is the same. From what you say it sounds like a first layer / bed adhesion issue but let me ask first, what happens when you print with PLA? If that prints OK then your z-calibration is probably fine. The next thing is bed temperature. I use 90 C on all my machines. Anything under that and I get warping with some ABS brands.
ABS sticks well to Buildtak, too well actually. On glass I spray Dimafix to make it stick more, on Buildtak I spray the same stuff to make it release easier. It's probably just rebranded hairspray but I use it all the time.
The N2 Plus has an enclosed chamber which is good for ABS so that should be OK.
Do you use cooling? If so try switching that completely off.
What speeds are you printing at? Do the first layer very slow (15mm/s) and see if that helps.

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Re: ABS Always fails

Postby sperman » Wed Aug 28, 2019 11:37 am

For me to get ABS to stick, the nozzle is very close to the bed. After the first layer or two, the nozzle is covered in plastic, but the part sticks and comes out fine. If I am near the printer, I will pause it after the first few layers and clean the nozzle, but it doesn't have any problems if I don't clean it.

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