dual extruder jamming cyclopse hotend

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dual extruder jamming cyclopse hotend

Postby dannler » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:52 pm

hey guys so im using the dual extruder setup with a cyclopse(2 in 1 out) hotend.

so my 1st issue is with printing petg filament and sometimes with pla. doesnt matter how much i set the retraction amount for switch, it tends to jam up, like the one extruder didnt retract enough.

2nd. i noticed when switching from extuder 1 to number two that nr 1 will retract, then nr 2 will also retract x amount then nr 2 will feed x amount, why does it also retract when it is supposed to feed, that causes the extruder not to print the 1st quarter of the priming tower layer

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