How to free up model from support

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How to free up model from support

Postby Vagulus » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:53 am

What settings do I change to have my models release from the support material more readily.

Generally, I am reasonably satisfied with the surface texture of the underside of my models. In this picture it looks pretty rough but it is a very close up picture and the texture is not all that bad. (Any suggestion on obtaining improvement to a smooth surface would be greeted with glee :D ) However, it is quite a job getting the model off the support material. Quite a job and dangerous. It would be all too easy to slip and put a Stanley knife or a sharpened scraper through my left wrist. That's not a prospect I find attractive :?

What you see in the picture is the dregs of the support material (red), particles of the Dense Support, clinging to the model (grey). It will come off, but it takes a lot of painstaking and dangerous work. I would like it to peel off more readily.

I have attached my current template settings. Can someone show me what to change to get that more ready release of the model?

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Re: How to free up model from support

Postby crimsonyoshi » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:58 pm

So basically this answer will be a continuation from Jetguy's response in the prior thread. It comes down to temperature and layer size. What's happened there is the support has bonded better to your model than the prior layer's support, hence why it's sticking to the model.

More dense layers can help here, or playing with your temperature settings (if possible) so that the support plastic melts into the model slightly less than the support layer below it.

As for a smoother surface, the bottom layer will always be a bit rough as to have a perfectly smooth surface, you need 100% layer density on the support. That in turn will make it harder to remove the support from the model though. There's always sand paper!

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