Filament jamming/slipping

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Filament jamming/slipping

Postby Atomwest » Tue Mar 12, 2019 11:11 pm

If wrong forum my apologies.

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Hi, pretty new to 3D printing, I actually got my raise 3d N1 from a buddy who had it sitting in his garage for awhile collecting dust.

No real knowledge in cnc machinery or software, so I've been googling my way through it, have had some pretty decent success so far but I am having a recurring issue of my filament jamming randomly during prints. Could happen at any time or never.

I've tried to narrow it down so far.

looks like at some point my filament line from spool to hotend gets too taught. And puts a kink in the line, causing too much friction and getting stuck inside just before the feed gear, which it just slips indefinitely at that point.
(Which seemed weird to me as that gear seems to pinch the filament hard enough to leave indentions.)

So I printed up a spool holder with bearings. takes zero effort to spin shouldn't have issues now right? Nah same issue.

Ok maybe if I make some guides along the power cable to the business end that lead it to the in-feed, always(mostly) having the line perpendicular with the in-feed. Nah still finds a way to kink.

I'm really hoping I'm over thinking an easy problem.
Was kind of wondering what are people's spool feed set ups to where they don't have these issues?

Any tips for a beginner, or a magic print setting that will cut my prints in half would be greatly appreciated.

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TL;DR what do your filament spool sets up like so you avoid bending of filament, as well as any print setting tips for speed when prototyping.

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Re: Filament jamming/slipping

Postby Casale8 » Wed Mar 20, 2019 2:09 pm

Is the filament tube attached? The through the push to connect? Or, is the filament just loosely going from the spool through the printer into the feedpath?

Need the tube.
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