Polymaker Parameter

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Polymaker Parameter

Postby Chrigi78 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:34 am

Hey all Raise Users

so we have a simple question
if you print Polymaker Produkt on the Raise N2 or N2+ is the Top Cover closed or Open ???

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Re: Polymaker Parameter

Postby Jetguy » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:38 pm

Polymaker makes a few different products. Which exact one are you talking about?
It matters because you need to read the recommended settings by Polymaker for that specific filament.

The basics of why we use the lid and when we don't.
The whole idea is to maintain ambient temp around the object being printed at a specific temperature- and that temp is specific to the exact material being printed. The entire point of controlling the ambient temperature is that since we print layer by layer, we lay a hot layer of plastic that is expanded because it's at a high temp leaving the nozzle, and when it cools down and solidifies, it shrinks by linear length. As such, this repeated laying a hot layer and cooling towards to room temp is what causes warps, layer cracks and other problems. The idea is that by allowing the layer to only cool to a still elevated temperature that is cool enough to allow it to become solid and rigid, but NOT enough to begin seeing the shrinkage (because shrinkage is a curve based on material specifics, but above the glass transition point, minimal). By keeping the ENTIRE part warm in a specific temperature range until all layers are printed before allowing it to cool, we minimize stress layer cracks and warping.

PLA likes a LOW ambient temp, that's why you see bed temps of 60C or less when used with PLA because the bed is primary heat source also heating the air around the print. As such, the ambient temp recommended for PLA is roughly room temp, so if the bed is 50-60C you need some way of allowing that heat to escape or eventually the ambient inside a sealed printer with the lid on would achieve 50-60c which is too hot for PLA. Again, facts of about PLA and PLA blends, is that they are typically much shrinkage but also a much lower glass transition temp and that's why it doesn't want or like a warm ambient temp. In fact, PLA needs a fair amount of cooling for it to solidify. This is why it's HIGHLY recommended to print PLA with the lid completely off, or somehow open enough to let any heat escape the printer.

Materials that have a higher glass transition temperature (a function of the material) determines in conjunction the shrink rate of that material.
So high shrinkage materials like ABS, Polycarbonate (PC), High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), nylon, and dozens of others have both higher extrusion temps and higher bed temps, and the higher bed temp is a HUGE CLUE that they also want the lid closed to maintain a higher ambient temp to prevent warping.

So basically, if you read the spec sheet for a specific plastic, the generalized rules are:
If it says 65C or less recommended bed temp, then open the lid.
If it says 100C or higher bed temp- huge hint for the lid to be on and preheat the system for 10 minutes before starting a print to also warm the ambient inside the printer. Again, a 100C or higher bed temp means your goal is obviously a much higher than ambient room temp chamber and thus you need the lid and doors closed to achieve that.

And, as always, read the filament manufacturers settings and forums FIRST. There may be specifics about a material that are different and thus you need to read there rather than using a generic filament type setting example.

I know for a fact that Polymaker sticks this exact information right on the side of the box.

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Re: Polymaker Parameter

Postby Chrigi78 » Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:26 am

Ok Thanks for the feedback

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