Anyone have a 1.5mm nozzle doing vase mode? or any mode?

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Anyone have a 1.5mm nozzle doing vase mode? or any mode?

Postby NewbPilot » Wed Nov 28, 2018 5:27 pm

Hi there
I got my 3DSolex 1.5mm nozzle yesterday. SO excited.
I immediately printed a small vase mode pen holder. I did it with 0.4mm layer height, 80% first layer (0.32mm), 20 or 25mm/s (forgot ... ) at 220 degrees using 3dFuel PLA. I think it came out nicely.
Pen Holder.jpg

I then went for a HIGE print using 1.0mm layer height. It failed after I went to sleep - roll fell off the spool holder - but there were some other failures. I think I have a z-gap issue, but maybe it was a heat or speed problem. I'll explain after screenshots.
Those 1.0mm walls :) I was making a 11.5" tall waste paper basket from by Devin Montez :)
1.0mm walls.jpg

The 2nd layer is on the left, and you can see it's weirdly spaced. However, the first layer has no spaces
Messy Floor.jpg

a complete look and 2nd layer.
2nd layer.jpg

The first layer laid down fairly nicely in terms of extruding. I think i have too little retraction, or my overlap is too high at 20%. The second layer, however, not only laid down with large gaps, but the extruder was clicking. That has happened before, when the nozzle was too close to the bed and the filament couldnt feed. However, this was the 2nd layer, and I dont believe it was the same issue - but i couldnt be wrong.

Am i going too fast? 220 is the top end of the plastic, so i would hate to push to 225. And why would I have this issue on the bigger print, but not the smaller pen holder?? At first i was thinking the issue was due to my z-gap was only 0.2mm and some how when it got to the 2nd layer it was too close to the first layer. That 0.2mm z-gap worked fine for the pend holder, but that was a 0.4mm layer height, not this 1.0mm layer height.

Slow it down to 10 or 15mm/s? anyone doing 1.5mm vases? I know Jetguy has, hopefully he'll check this thread.

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Re: Anyone have a 1.5mm nozzle doing vase mode? or any mode?

Postby tasrgi » Sat Dec 15, 2018 2:49 am

Hi NewbPilot,

I have just started using a 1.0mm nozzle with my Ender3 printer.

For what it's worth here are some comments I can make after 1kg of filament through the new nozzle.

Large bore nozzles move much more filament than say a standard 0.4mm nozzle so you may have to do two things. First decrease the speed you are printing at. If your prints look underextruded try slowing down because you may simply be moving too fast for the extruder to keep up. Second increase the temperature. I use 210C with a 0.4mm nozzle (eSun PLA+) and had to increase to 225C to get the proper flow with a 1.0mm nozzle.

I assume the above effects will be even more exaggerated for your 1.5mm nozzle.

Your first print (small vase) looks great.

The huge print looks like it is sagging. The reason for this is that with the angle of that part and moving up 1.0mm per layer the next layer is being put down too far over the edge of the previous filament. Therefore it sags down. Try printing at lower layer heights to see where your print 'loses it'. As a rule of thumb I never exceed 50% of the nozzle width for my layer heights. So for your nozzle I wouldn't go over 0.75mm layers.

I am still figuring out retraction. I thought it would be much higher than when using a 0.4mm nozzle but the best setting seems to be about half. I may have done something stupid. Try a standard retraction test and change the settings to see the effect.

The first layer speed is usually slower for better bed adhesion so that may explain why it worked. The increased speed on the second layer may be causing the gap issue because the extruder can't keep up. Layers also look like this if you are losing too much temperature and again the solution is the either up the temperature or slow down or a bit of both.

Hope these tips help and are valid for your situation.

You may also be interested in a thread I started regarding large nozzle printing and flowrate problems:

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