1st Layer Dragging on N2+ with BondTech and .6mm Rubies

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1st Layer Dragging on N2+ with BondTech and .6mm Rubies

Postby badplayer » Thu Nov 22, 2018 8:22 pm

I'm using the Esun PLA+ and I'm getting some dragging on my first layers (which are the face of the part). I'm printing on the glass with a glue stick. I'm making these for a friend who owns the shop. The text is a second model (which is why it has it's own shells). It looks like rapid movements are yanking material in the text shells and then the printer is trying to print over that. My top layer is immaculate, the problem is with the 1st layer. I can't just flip the model over because the top needs a cavity for a magnet. We don't have an additional fan either.


Here are my settings.

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Re: 1st Layer Dragging on N2+ with BondTech and .6mm Rubies

Postby crimsonyoshi » Fri Nov 23, 2018 7:54 pm

Try lowering the speeds in I believe it's in the advanced tab. Your first layer speed of 8.0mm is good, but that only applies when the nozzle is extruding. There will be other movement settings up to 500mm/s, or 800mm/s to move the print head when not extruding. Note this will increase the time of your overall print.

You could also lower your default printing, and x/y speed in conjunction with the above. For polycarbonate printing with polysupport, I make sure my first layer is 8mm/s everywhere. That gives me excellent bed adhesion.

As for flipping the model over, it's possible to do if you add a support structure. I'm not sure how easy it would be to separate that material from itself though. PLA and Polysupport are extremely easy to peel off by hand.

Alex M.
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Re: 1st Layer Dragging on N2+ with BondTech and .6mm Rubies

Postby Alex M. » Mon Nov 26, 2018 5:26 pm

We print Esun PLA a lot, it's are goto PLA. I have never printed on glass with a glue stick though since we always print to Buildtak.

First thing I noticed with your settings which seemed odd to me is that your first layer is 0.28mm but your other layers are 0.38mm. Normally I have them the same or the first layer is larger (not smaller). We also print at 215 with a 60 degree bed, zero fan first layer and 100% fan afterwards.

My guess would be that either the glue stick isn't holding very well or your first layer gap isn't optimal for the first layer height. If those are OK, I'd check bed level but that looks OK based on the rest of the print.

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Re: 1st Layer Dragging on N2+ with BondTech and .6mm Rubies

Postby EldRick » Mon Nov 26, 2018 6:01 pm

I'm betting you need to manually adjust the printhead height. You are not squeezing the first layer onto the buildplate, so it doesn't stick. Use the adjustment screw to lower the height a quarter-turn at a time.

I'd bet you see small lumps of plastic buildup on the nozzle when this happens?

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