Help please - How do I (inc settings) print ninjaflex through a bond tech plus some other help please

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Help please - How do I (inc settings) print ninjaflex through a bond tech plus some other help please

Postby Spikeysonic » Thu Sep 27, 2018 1:38 pm

What settings (and I mean all of them on ALL of the tabs so flowrate, , internal, outter, top layers bottom layers etc... Better still downloadable settings please) are needed for hi quality, standard and speedy ninjaflex when being fed through a bond tech extruder and and any other tps please.

Seemed to have a nozzle block when using PLA and Ninjaflex (PLA as a support, there appeared to be some peeling off the glass plate (had used PLA as a raft and supper material.)

What appears to be the case where I was tryng to make something like a bath grip like suckers on bottom then sheet of ninjaflex is the succers seemed to print but then it had a problem with the sheet bit on the support base.

I was trying the elastomer setting on speed with some extra top layers and a little extra flow as it appeared to be under extruding.

I had some success with ployflex and just got the bod tech.

Plus how tight should the spring bolts (on the sides of the bond tech) be in full turns once its meshed.

Is there any right or left preference, and I am using a nickle coated nozzel. 0.4 only for ninja flex and poly flex.

Also whats the best and safest way to replace nozzles and avoid the need to remove hot ends and re level. Should the nozzel be hot etc?

Plus what is a good support for ninja flex?

Also whats the best and easiest way to clear what appears to be a blockage in the nijaflex nozzel ideally taking as little apart as possible to avoid having to recalibrate

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