Z-Gap, Nozzle height/offset

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Z-Gap, Nozzle height/offset

Postby eagle1xray » Sun Sep 23, 2018 2:21 pm

I just switched over to the spring based bed-leveling, a Bontech extruder and a filament run-out sensor that doesn't seem to stop the prints even if the lights are on and the settings are activated.....BUT the worst issue of all and the one id like advice on first (follow my photo journey) is:

The top layers keep giving me mountains/ridges/roughness with .2mm gap YET my 3 bottom layers print well enough and smooth:

First Layer

2/3 layers in on test cubes:

So on these same prints its clear i can get a smooth flowing top type layer (i mean its technically the TOP of the bottom layer.... yet my TOP of the TOP layer is TRASH and even the 2nd and 1st Top layer are coming down SMOOTH) i used to print with 5 top layers....i brought it down to 3 to get better results..which netted BETTER unacceptable results .

Now at one point i was frustrated and started just arbitrarily increasing the Z-gap and testing because it felt like nothing was changing...well eventually i got something...acceptable but still not as good as i used to get (don't mind the silver extrusion as i was dialing in heat and have since removed stringing and got great second filament printing and adheision):


BUT look at this first layer. Barely any adhesion/squish...id consider this an unacceptable bottom layer:


Now im back to a proper .2mm (i actually am at a .23mm feeler gauge) and still getting what you see blow this sentence:


SO as you can see that final top layer just ends up looking like trash and i don't understand why if everything else came out smoothly....its just this top layer....I've created my own boxes, re-sliced and i'm here chasing my tail. gonna bake the material in the oven (CFHTPLA and I've printed with this for YEARS now so its not something i'm unfamiliar with)

Thanks for any help/input

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