Slicer settings help needed.

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Slicer settings help needed.

Postby ZaXaZ » Sun Oct 22, 2023 2:17 pm

Hey all.
I come from slicers as Cura and a little orca.

so i feel a bit on deep waters here, adding insult to ingury my 3d printing experience is mostly focused on klipper printers, making some tunning options non existing on a marlin printer :?

So i need some help here.
I managed to snack an N2 Plus dual for free, on facebookmarketplace, after a quick tuneup and the right firmware (it had non plus firmware on it. i dont know why but i assume that the person i got it off flashed the wrong firmwer and forgot about it when they later assumed it broken due to not printing higher than half height)

it prints nice a bit slow to my liking but not bad :)

I do feel limited in the slicer, no PA, no tree support and no Arachne engien for slicing to mention a few things, yes im spoiled :lol:

so my current problem is layers when the part is not a god match with 0.4mm line with.
How do i improve this ? (see pic under)
im running mostly default settings from the slicer

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Re: Slicer settings help needed.

Postby jamesp » Sat Nov 04, 2023 2:38 pm

I have had luck adjusting the extrusion with up or down a bit from the default to get a better fill, and then adjusting the flow rate if needed to close remaining gaps. I go from .38mm or so to .48 and usually there will be a width in there that will fill out the layer nicely. If you do this and turn on gap filling it can help. Test settings with a single layer file.

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