Extruder Control

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Extruder Control

Postby RobFrazzini » Sat Jan 21, 2023 3:24 pm

I am sorry if I missed the, buthis but I can't find a clear answer on the boards.

Here is my configuration

Left Extruder - PLA
Right Extruder - PC+

I print initial tests in PLA and a rapid speed. Once all is good, I want to print with the PC+ in the Right Extruder.

I edited the configuration files so when I seclect PLA it prints from the Left and when I select PC+ it prints from the right. The configuration for the left extruder does not "enable" the right extruder so it doesnt pre-heat or heat while the print is happening. HOWEVER, when I am printing PC+ from the right the left heats to the same tempature of as the right (260c). I have editing the heating paramerters in the configuration file and set the left extruder to 0. Once it starts printing it does get set to zero. But becuase I can't seem to get the pre-heat to 0 on the left extruder, I get ooze from the left that has at times fouls my print but, more importantly I am way overheating the PLA and don't was to cause a jammed nozzle.

Can someone please let me know how I can stop the left from pre-heating?

I really wish there was a slicer handled the left and right configuration with a little bit more finese.

THANK YOU for any help you can provide

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Re: Extruder Control

Postby Manuel@Raise3D » Thu May 25, 2023 11:58 pm

Unfournutnaltely, since the Pro2 printer's shifting assembly does not know (after a power cycle) what hotend is in the active/lowered position, a print that's started would result in the behavior you described. Both hotends would initially heat up even if you're only using one hotend and then after the shift, the correct hotend would stay heated while the other one cools back down to ambient temperature.

With how things are in your current material set-up, I can definitely see how this can pose an issue here as PLA material can very well begin to melt a bit and drip onto the bed or print. Apart from this, there is also the valid concern of the material jamming so I will bring this up to our RaiseTouch development team so they can address this issue. As for now, the first print after a power cycle will do this but the subsequent prints should not, so long as you're on the latest version of Raisetouch (touchscreen firmware).
*A change in this behavior would need to be done within the printer's firmware and not at the slicer level

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