N series printers

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N series printers

Postby buddurham » Wed Mar 28, 2018 4:25 pm

I bought a N1 duel recently and I am a little confused. When I bought it I thought that it was the same as the N2 just a different build size. But if I look at after market upgrades like an extruder they say compatable with N2 only. I believe that N series are the same but people disagree with me, like Matterhackers they should know.

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Re: N series printers

Postby Rogman » Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:36 pm

i believe that the Bondtech extruder will still work on the N1. I will leave this to a N1 owner that has the upgrade, but i think Jetguy and a couple of others are using the Bondtech on their N1's

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Re: N series printers

Postby Jetguy » Mon Apr 02, 2018 3:51 pm

Sorry for the delay in answering this, I had been out of town since MRRF and away from my Raise3D printers.
#1 Yes, I have been running a Bondtech on my N1 for some time. The first version was the "mini" version thus reusing the original stock motor. At the show MRRF in Goshen, Martin brought me the latest bleeding edge BMG based N series single extruder upgrades (since I often use the Mosaic Palette+, I only used dual extrusion for testing and demonstration purposes).
#2 The reason you are asking is a fair question and that's because N1 uses an arched cable system and slightly different cable attachment point a the extruder assembly than the N2 and N2 Plus which both use a cable chain. Again, Martin of Bondtech has tried hard to create customized extruders perfect for each printer, bu the truth is, the N1 cable system from the factory can be improved upon (in consultant speak, it's not a fault or bad design, it's "opportunity for improvement"). So yes, the Bondtech extruder upgrades have been shipping with the provisions for the factory cable attachment point specific on the N1, but since there really are no near as many N1 owners it's simply not marketed or talked about as much.

I'll take some pictures today now that I am back near my N1 for you and explain the current mounting provisions and so forth.
Again, you absolutely can buy without fear the latest Bondtech and it will work on the N1. What you should do in the process during the install is potentially consider some rework on the factory supplied cable harness and flex tube "system" while doing this upgrade and really making your printer that much better.

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