Auto Extruder Switch on end of spool detect??

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Auto Extruder Switch on end of spool detect??

Postby DavidBarwin » Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:09 pm

New to the community here and am looking for a dual extruder printer that will/could auto switch extruders when the end of a spool is detected. I have a 10 printer farm (M200s) and currently spend a tremendous amount of time dealing with end rolls of filament that are too small to run overnight jobs. My number one desire for a dual extruder printer would be this auto switch. Obviously, it needs to be intelligent enough to leave the second extruder cool until it's time to switch and then cool the first extruder to keep from cooking the filament and clogging the extruders. If this isn't currently available on my soon to acquire Raise3D Pro I hope it will be soon. I'd really like to retire my M200s.....

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-David Barwin

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