Trande-in formula ! Why not ?

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Trande-in formula ! Why not ?

Postby jean-claude » Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:26 pm

Question to RAISE3D :
Would you like to comment on the following request:
Would you be willing to make an offer for a TRADE-IN program? (trade-in allowance)
That is to say that customers who have a RAISE3D printer can pay an amount (more or less depending on the model to exchange) choose to put their printer against a new model.

This makes it possible to extend the installed base by increasing customer loyalty.
This gives the customer a confidence in his investment.
This offers the opportunity to troubleshoot customers with machine parts that are no longer built.
This also provides a stock of common spare parts.
This allows to invest less for the production of new machines.
This allows to innovate with less loss in customer.

Do not forget that you need more resources to get a new customer than to keep an old one !

In the aviation field, BOSE is a big player for ANR helmets.
Lightspeed has become a serious competitor because they offer the customer, every improvement, a TRADE-IN program!

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