Insert Funtion: "Add Label"

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Insert Funtion: "Add Label"

Postby Pedro Luis » Sat Mar 06, 2021 12:51 am

I find it interesting to insert in ideaMaker the Function: "Add Label"
This label can be, for example 1.6mm (4 layers at 0.4), with the text in gap.
This label is joined-associated with the object by two segments, so is easy remove it.
The uses of "Add Label" it's tremendously useful:
- For when we test or print in "Sequential Mode"
- For when we prepare orders for a client

To keep things simple, the label thickness, font type, and size can be fixed by the software, not the user.
The user should only enter the text, or a serial number,...
The length of the label can be dynamic, minimum 10mm, and expandable according to the length of the text, or maximum 10 characters,...
(As the developers engineered they see more convenient.)

Below a simulation. On the left function enabled, on the right function disabled.

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