Prime blob suggestion

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Prime blob suggestion

Postby Patronus » Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:11 am

Ideamaker's filament prime function (prime blob) works OK most of the time but does cause issues. It is very untidy and has caused a few failed first layers in the past when it gets dragged along with the print. Why not use a prime line like Simplify3d? Or even better - the Markforged solution which is the best and tidiest I've ever seen. The nozzle is about 1mm above the pint bed and a thick stream of filament is extruded while the print head slowly moves in a straight line. The line is about 4mm wide and 1mm high and is very useful to diagnose extrusion issues (such as wet filament, fully or semi clogged nozzle) even before the print starts, unlike a random nest of filament hanging from the nozzle as is currently the case. When extruding the prime line the nozzle is low enough above the print bed to ensure adhesion but high enough to leave room for a nice fat stream of filament to be extruded. The prime line only needs to be an inch or two long, enough to ensure the filament comes through nice and clean. Since the prime line is firmly adhering to the print bed, once the head moves to the printing position the prime line stays put and the nozzle is clean and free when starting the print.

If the current prime sequence is there for a reason (better for some filament types, takes up less space on the print bed, preferred by some users, who knows), can we make the prime line an option?

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Re: Prime blob suggestion

Postby Vicky@Raise3D » Thu Nov 21, 2019 1:56 am

We will consider to add purge line to help decrease the affect of prime.
For now you can modify the Start Gcode:
Single extruder: ... 659#p48659

Dual extruder: ... 67&p=40616

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