Add defined gap between perimeter start/end

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Add defined gap between perimeter start/end

Postby Ralf95 » Tue Oct 29, 2019 4:54 am

Dear Raise 3D-team,

since some months I´m trying to improve the z-seam on the printed models.
Espescially when printing holes and other round models (no chance of hiding the seam) with big layer heights (functional parts) there is a need of having no bloobs for exact dimensions.

At the moments it´s only possible to wipe at the end point which can improve visibility but although can lead to more bloobing,
especially when you try to print with low accelerations to improve ghosting and other artefacts.

Other slicer already give you the option to stop the perimeter 0,xmm before end to improve this.
Testing this option gives a very good improvement.



I think adding this option gives the people the full control of the seam.
Wiping for improvement of visibility.
Earlier end point for improving dimension and no bloobs on funtional parts.

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