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Prints shared by Raisers

Postby John@Raise3D » Wed Mar 02, 2016 6:02 am

Here are part of the sucessuful prints shared by our Raisers!

Vernon Barry
Vernon Barry-4.jpg

Vernon Barry-3.jpg

Vernon Barry-2.jpg

Vernon Barry-1.jpg

Vernon Barry two color.jpg

Trhuste-3Dbenchy boat-Z ABS 0.2mm.jpg

Octave ABS
Octave ABS.jpg

Michael Wall
Michael Wall-groot.jpg

Michael Paciullo
Michael Paciullo-3Dbenchy boat.jpg

Matthew Lozano
Matthew Lozano-Gimli-6.jpg

Matthew Lozano-Gimli-5.jpg

Matthew Lozano-Gimli-4.jpg

Matthew Lozano-Gimli-3.jpg

Matthew Lozano-Gimli-2.jpg

Matthew Lozano-Gimli-1.jpg

Matthew Lozano-fan cover.jpg

Matthew Lozano-chess set.jpg

Matthew Lozano-clips.jpg

Julia Truchsess

Julia-part precise.jpg

Removal of Polysupport

Jason Preuss
Jason Preuss vase.jpg

happyman-full build size.jpg

Guido Volante
Guido Volante-knife handle.jpg

Guido Volante-full build size2.jpg

Guido Volante-full build size.jpg

"Everything, but the yellow base to my articulating arm, was printed on my N2. This rainbow of parts was made from (starting at the bottom) Zortrax ULTRAT (green) @260C), Raise 3D PLA Yellow and Red parts @ default 215C, Octave PLA (black) at 220C. The black Octave and the second yellow component from the bottom were printed using PolySupport for raft and support (215C for Raise 3D PLA and 220C for Octave PLA, PolySuppot 240C (using the RT nozzle) @240C."
Guido Volante-arm.jpg

Kwan Sheung Fung
Fung-spool holder.jpg

Fung-Raise3D travel tag.jpg

Fung-ninjiaflex shoe.jpg

Fung-man head.jpg



Fung-cork fill.jpg

Fung-Chinese New Year Decor.jpg

Fung-bird in nest.jpg

De Staercke Jos
De Staercke Jos leaf catcher.jpg

Byung Hoon Koh
Byung Hoon Koh-Flexible Minion.jpg

Brad Jack





Ben Roj
Ben Roj-batman.jpg

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen-octopus.jpg

Jonathan Bédard
Jonathan Bédard-2.png

Jonathan Bédard-1.png

Michael Hauser
Michael Hauser-2.png

Michael Hauser-3.png

Michael Hauser-1.png

Carlos Gray
Carlos Gray-3.png

Carlos Gray-2.png

Carlos Gray-1.png

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