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Poly PC plus

Postby mravens » Thu May 19, 2016 4:04 pm

Started printing with poly pc plus. Here are some samples. Two different size filament holders (thanks to whomever designed them!) and a bite plate for my CT scanner. I scanned an existing bite plate and converted the dicom to stl and reprinted it. I am also using polysupport and have had good results with it with the red raise3d pla, but when I print polypc plus and polysupport I get oozing out of the extruder that isn't being used and this messes up the print, doesn't happen with the pla. Any setting I should be looking at? I have yet to install my V2 upgrade. I also have a role of Taulman 680 nylon, does anyone have any suggested settings with that? I had a first good print but now not so good.

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