Jewelry models for "Lost PLA" casting using 0.2mm nozzle

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Jewelry models for "Lost PLA" casting using 0.2mm nozzle

Postby jetdillo » Fri May 24, 2019 1:31 am

I printed this for a friend who makes jewelry. She casts the fittings and mounts using a "lost PLA" method.
A cut & polished stone goes inside the "cage".
This was my first foray into "tiny printing" using my 0.2mm nozzle. I did this basically on a lark, not knowing how involved it would be and how good it would turn out. She doesn't have a 3D-printer and usually sends it out to Shapeways, et. al., but this time they were quoting her a month turnaround time for this particular piece.
I figured I could get it done quicker than that, even if it took a few tries :)
It turned out pretty well I think and went surprisingly quick even though I was printing very slowly.
It's small enough that even at speeds of 8-15mm/sec, it only took about 30 minutes per print.
I tried using PVA for support, but even at the smaller nozzle size, it just ended up globbing all over the print and when I went to soak it to dissolve the PVA, it just pulled it apart. It was fine enough that really didn't need all that much support because bridging did most of the work for me :)

It was really neat to see that my N2+ is just as capable of doing tiny, precise work as it is cranking out big parts for my robots :)

Nozzle: 0.2mm
Layer height: 0.15mm
Line width: 0.08mm
Printed at 10-15mm/sec speeds for infill, shells, etc.
Filament: Hatchbox PLA - Red


20mm calibration cube for scale


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