Airflow Adapter

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Airflow Adapter

Postby GQQSER » Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:05 pm

Airflow adapter used to vent rotary feeder. the aluminum pipe is 8" sch.10 and the round part of the square to round transition is 3" sch. 40. I am using a N2+ for these prints. This part has to be stout, so I printed 5 shells @ 60% infill using Raise3D premium PLA. The layer height is set to .1mm using a .4mm nozzle. The print is rather long, (about 54 hours) but the results speak for themselves. I have multiple units working in an industrial environment. Typically these will see up to 20" w.c. in vacuum an approximately 27" w.c. pressure during the reverse pulse jet cleaning cycle.The longest one in service so far is about 9 months. All customers are completely satisfied with the performance.
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