Wind Turbine

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Wind Turbine

Postby MDVolle » Fri Jul 20, 2018 10:47 pm

This is an item originally generated in OpenSCAD and posted in Thingiverse and I re-mixed it a bit for the larger capabilities of the N2+ platform. This one is nearly 200mm across and almost 300mm high.

Printed in vase mode with a 0.60mm nozzle, it was reaching the point of being too unstable to gamble printing taller (it gets very "soft" even at this height - and prone to vibrating while printing)

I printed this in 0.15mm layers and took about 8 hours - printed completely first time - only trimmed off the brim after taking it out of the machine.

The texture is in the part, not an artifact and this came out great - extremely uniform and consistent across the whole part.

I will be bonding a carbon fiber tube into the center and building a small wind generator to charge small LED garden lights (that I have yet to design).

The part looks so cool in Grey Ryno Pro that I may try it again in Taulman 910 clear and motorize it as a small fan in the house...




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Re: Wind Turbine

Postby johnkattenhorn » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:11 am

This is awesome - you've inspired to re-kindle my planning for a wind turbine of my own at home :-)

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