N2 bed not leveled at factory

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N2 bed not leveled at factory

Postby cave » Tue May 29, 2018 9:53 pm

We were having trouble with our new N2 and narrowed it down to the bed not being level. We built a gauge holder and bolted our depth gauge to the nozzles to more accurately measure the bed level (verses using a feeler gauge). With the bed cold and the glass removed, we are seeing a variation of 0.49 mm (yep, almost a half a mm) across the bed. so much for "factory leveled".

We did try flexing the entire printer (to exaggerate any issues with an uneven or flexing table and there was zero measurable change)

Our next task is to measure with the bed hot.

For other users out there - don't assume the bed is level and also don't assume that the use of a feeler gauge or paper stock for bed measuring will get you accurate enough measurements.

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Alex M.
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Re: N2 bed not leveled at factory

Postby Alex M. » Wed May 30, 2018 2:34 pm

You might get lucky when hot. Ours was perfect when it was cold, got bad when warmed to 60C and really bad when warmed to 80C.

We adjusted it fairly well at 80C but when we run at 60C, it’s off again. :roll:

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Re: N2 bed not leveled at factory

Postby bwulfe » Wed May 30, 2018 2:47 pm

Despite Raise3D’s insistence that their Factory-leveled system is superior; it leaves much to be desired if your bed is ever out of level. I had to replace a bad heat bed; which eliminated the factory level. Utilizing a gauge with a different variant of your mount (found on Thingiverse) I spent two frustrating weeks, trying to level my bed with the multi-point, push-pull leveling design. I finally gave up and switched over to the alternate bed leveling design provided by TobyCWood. (Thingiverse Thing number 1409412). I deviated slightly by locating some good quality PFTE washers, rather than the printed ones. I also found some high-grade compression lock-washers to insert between the flat washers and lock nuts. (Helps prevent eventual slippage of the bolts; when making adjustments.) The final deviation that I made to Toby’s mod, was to replace the printed nut holders with common Knurled M3 all-metal adjustment knobs. I found that forcing common locknuts into the printed holders, eventually led to slippage of the holder, around the nut.

While this took some time and effort; this design is far easier for user leveling. Once installed, it took me about 15-20 minutes to dial in an extremely level surface. (First attempt) I initially utilized Toby’s design 100% and experienced some of the issues that led to my selection of alternate materials listed. Once I retrofitted with those alternate materials, it took about 8-10 minutes to dial in the level. (I spent more time installing and removing my gauge bracket, than actually leveling the bed.)

For anyone in need of releveling their bed; I highly recommend this mod. It will save you lots of headaches and frustration.

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Re: N2 bed not leveled at factory

Postby HMBR » Thu May 31, 2018 8:23 am

Well, my "factory leveled bed" looked like this at 65°C (see Attachment). This meant, I was completely unable to print lager prints or multiple objects at the same time, because bed leveling was more or less "bed area leveling" and did not at all work for the entire thing. Trying to level the bed on my own did not help at all, and was a very disappointing and nerve-wracking experience...

So what I did is, I took out the factory bed (because obviously it was completly off), bought a stress relief heat treated, cnc plain finished aluminum plate (305x305x7mm) with 4 holes (M4 Countersunkscrew) in it. I then put a fitted silicon heating mat under it and used a combination of spacers and precision ring washers (0.1mm) to get it all leveled on the remaining bed support of the machine. I then loosely tightned the nuts so they still allow expansion while heating.

Result: No troubles whatsoever anymore.

The bed surfaces I use are all quite similar in hight, so setting the initial Z-Zero with the provided screw is not much of a trouble for me.

In the end, I realy do not understand who @Raise designed the heavily overengineered and nonfunctioning bed leveling system and how it got installed through all the machines, and despite all the troubles, is now even (if i see it correctly) in the pro version... If you take a look at other comparable machines or maybe even tooling machines for professional production processes, you would not come up with a system like that.

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