Extruder Stepper weak

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Extruder Stepper weak

Postby charles@linquist.net » Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:52 am

I found that my extruder stepper was skipping steps. While it will do that if things are jammed, mine was skipping far too often - and ruining prints. Early on, I noticed that the extruder stepper ran awfully hot, and sometimes the shaft would get so hot it would soften the filament and just "grind" it away and stop feeding.

So I glued (with thermal epoxy) a small heatsink and fan to the top of the stepper. That improved things immensely. But the stepper still ran what I thought was too hot. I needed to keep the top cover of the printer on in order to keep the build chamber hot enough to prevent warps.

But.. if magnets get too hot, they lose strength. I cannot prove that happened in my case, but I suspect it is. My extruder stepper got so weak it was easy to stall by grabbing the knurled "gear" with my fingers.

So I replaced it with one I got from Lulzbot https://www.lulzbot.com/store/parts/nem ... pper-motor
this new motor is a bit longer and slightly heavier, but it has a LOT more torque than the original (even when the original was new). I didn't change the stepper drivers or the current limits - or anything else, but I did add a 6-pin 2mm connector on the new stepper, since it had long wire leads, not a connector.

There is a slight downside- the new motor is a little longer, and will hit the the frame if the carriage goes all the way to the rear. That reduces the maximum build volume by about 5mm. But that is a very small price to pay. It works great and runs cooler too.

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